The recognition of Acqua San Carlo’s goodness for the health and wellbeing of the body and the start of its use for therapeutic purposes are lost in centuries past, amidst tales passed down by way of mouth or in legends about the ancient Apuan Ligures. We need but recall the case of the Bishop of Milan Charles Borromeo who, it is told, successfully followed a mineral water treatment for arthritis in the XVI century, to his great benefit.

Four centuries after Borromeo, in the early XX century, the first studies on the effective properties of this water were conducted by Dr. Nicola Zonder. This physician of Swiss origin was the first to recognise the water’s extraordinary properties, opening the way to important success on the national level.

Today, the studies have intensified and are conducted in constant collaboration with Universities and other Institutions, indeed to the point that San Carlo hosts a veritable Study Centre on water and its properties,, aimed at documenting the various scientific aspects of thermal therapies, especially in the area that concerns purification. Particularly significant are the studies that the University of Pisa conducts on the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Acqua San Carlo, which we shall speak about soon.

Health and well-being come together at San Carlo Terme!


Acqua San Carlo is a histophilic water, which is to say that it is indicated to perform an effective detoxifying action of the tissues. When consumed regularly, every day, it helps to cleanse and regenerate the body, contributing to the elimination of waste and reducing the levels of oxidative stress. It is also recommended in all diuretic treatments, for urological illnesses and for those of the urinary tract. It is also an anti-age elixir.

In this regard, a preclinical study coordinated by Professor Luca Antonioli and conducted in the laboratory of Pharmacology of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Pisa, determined a significant reduction of the systemic levels of TNF, a marked reduction of oxidative stress in situ in the vascular walls, with a consequent improvement of the endothelium-dependent vasodilation associated with aging.

The properties described indicate that Acqua San Carlo could perform a beneficial effect also in subjects like athletes, characterised by high levels of oxidative stress. In any event, thanks to its physical-chemical characteristics of bacteriological purity and lightness, Acqua San Carlo remains a water indicated for people of all ages.


When speaking about the benefits for health and the body, we cannot but speak of Fermento Vivenda A fermented beverage made from green tea and herbs that grow wild in the hills of Tuscany, Fermento Vivenda is born of an exclusive recipe by Tuscan chef Michele Martinelli and his encounter with Acqua San Carlo, which is the main ingredient.

Fermento Vivenda helps digestion, contributes to the well-being of the digestive system, and is an excellent ally of the immune system. That’s because its process of natural fermentation takes place by means of the “Mother”, a culture of yeasts and probiotics that exist in symbiosis, transforming the mixture into a pleasantly sparkling fermented beverage. In this sense, Fermento Vivenda is an inexhaustible source of life.